GMAT test was created to evaluate students’ readiness to study at a business school or to enter a popular master’s program in management, business, economics, etc.

History of GMATHistory of GMAT

In the twentieth century nine of the most progressive business schools decided to organize a special association, whose main goal was to create a test which would assess skills of the applicants and help to determine the most promising students.

This organization was called GMAC (Graduate Management Admission) and in accordance with it the test was named GMAT.

During the first years this exam was not enough popular: only 54 schools demanded from the candidates GMAT certificate and there were only 4,000 wannabes of this system. But it has been mentioned that nowadays the situation is completely different: every year more than 250,000 pupils take this exam, the results of the test are accepted by 1,500 universities and schools and 5,400 master’s programs all over the world.

Demand and popularity of the test can be explained by the point that each student in the world can pass GMAT no matter in what country he lives, what levels of work experience and professional backgrounds he has. The format of this exam gives an objective measure of candidate’s skills.

Changes in GMATChanges in GMAT

During 50 years the format and structure of the test has changed, and now GMAT is an adaptive test which include four different sections. In the twentieth century students have to take a paper-based exam. Fortunately, in 1997 creator made this test computer administrated, also it was accompanied with the CAT format for Quantitative and Verbal sections.

According to new format all the tasks can objectively determine the level of knowledge of the candidate and the level of difficulty of each question which depends on the answers to the previous tasks. That’s why difficulty of the question is individual and different to each applicant. You have to remember that if your answers are correct, the tasks will become more and more complicated.

Preparation for GMATPreparation for GMAT

GMAT is a quite difficult exam so you cannot receive the highest score if you don’t practice a lot. In the Internet there’re a great number of online tests. For example, Kaplan provides some GMAT practice tests, which can help you in the preparation. Also there’re a lot of standard tasks in the popular test-books. Also you can watch some video with experts and talk with candidates like you.

Preparing for the GMAT Exam:

All these things will help you not only estimate your chances, but also prepare for the exam. By the way online tests can help you to assess your standard of knowledge.