GMAT is an international test which allows you to determine if your candidacy is suitable for training in the elite business-school. The test is one of the most difficult, due to the fact that it is:

  • Computerized;
  • Conducted in English;
  • Adaptive;
  • Checks the complex of your knowledge.

That's why you have to prepare for the exam in advance (no later than 3-4 months before delivery) and very carefully.

Advantages of GMAT online

Advantages of GMAT onlineDuring the preparation for the GMAT we recommend you not only take the typical courses and solve the assignments in the textbooks, but also pay more attention to the methods of preparation for the GMAT online tests.

If you want to make your preparation more effective you can pass the GMAT online tests. You not only evaluate the level of knowledge, but also to analyze your strong and weak sides. All this will help you to adjust the curriculum and to familiarize with an examination process.

You can take practice online test as many times as you want, and with each attempt you will feel more confident.

Now in the Internet there is a huge variety of the tests GMAT online, let’s observe the most effective ones:

We recommend you take all the tests.

GMAT Verbal Scratchwork:

Disadvantages of GMAT online

Disadvantages of GMAT onlineDespite of the fact that the GMAT online test is a good help in the preparation, it should be noted that these tests are don’t simulate the real exam. Firstly, you take the test at home on the computer, but not in a specialized center, where you are won’t feel comfortable.

In addition, practice tests don’t include all types of the questions that will be included in the real exam. For example, most online tests don’t include the AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment) and the Integrated Reasoning.

Also you will be offered no more than 10 tasks, while at the exam there’re much more questions.

Let’s make a conclusion!

GMAT online tests give the opportunity to feel a limit of time, to find the solutions of the typical problems; to try to solve the various, while in the textbooks there’s only one type of the questions on the same subject.

Thus, it should be noted that the GMAT online test gives only a submission of the types of tasks, but does not completely simulate the actual test. However, during the preparation everything is good, so in addition to the online test we recommend you to use other sources.