GMAT test has a quite simple structure. It consists of 4 main sections:

The test lasts for 3, 5 hours, and during this time you’ll have to complete all the tasks. Let’s speak about every section in detail.

GMAT Verbal

It includes 36 questions, and you have to answer them in sixty five minutes. The Verbal part of GMAT test can be separated into 3 types of tasks:

  1. The ability of critical reasoning (Critical Reasoning);
  2. Skills of the understanding of the text (Reading Comprehension);
  3. The correction of sentence (Sentence Correction).

    Not all Sentence Correction errors are created equal. Learn which ones are the most important in determining the correct answer.

In this part your task is to show your perfect knowledge of reading, understanding the chief idea of the text and comprehending the presented passage. Also your goal is to demonstrate your good grammar skills and ability to use the main stylistic rules. If you cannot decide what to do to prepare to the verbal part, you can try to pass some online practice tests to check your level of skills.

GMAT Maths

GMAT MathsThe quantitative part lasts 62 minutes and includes 31 questions. There’re two types of tasks which you have to do:

  1. Solving of different problems;
  2. The analysis of the data sufficiency.

In this part your main aim is to demonstrate the knowledge in arithmetic, geometry and algebra. The most difficult aspect of this section is learning a great number of the specific terms, which can be used in the test.

Analytical Writing Assessment

In this part of GMAT test you have to write one essay, which must include the analysis of the presented argument. The section lasts for thirty minutes.

The argument can be connected with the topics including science, business, economics and other subjects. If you’re fitted to get a perfect result your essay will have to include logical presentation of your thoughts. Also you have to show the ability of analytical thinking.

You don’t need some additional knowledge to write the essay, the main requirement is just the ability to think analytically. If you’re going to practice this section, you can find the examples of the topics on the Internet or in the textbooks.

Integrated Reasoning

This is a new part of the exam, it includes fourteen questions, and you have to solve with them in 30 minutes. All the tasks can be separated into four different parts:

  • The interpretation of the graphic;
  • Multi-Source Reasoning;
  • The analysis of the table;
  • Two-Part.

In this section your aim is to show your perfect business skills, for example, the ability of making your own decisions, to analyze dates and to produce an effective strategy of the work.

You’ll pass GMAT test well, if you allocate enough time to practice the typical tasks.