GMAT classes are a good way to prepare to the exam in group format. In our center you can choose the most comfortable variant regarding the timing of the visit, the price and the method of preparation.

GMAT classes are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during two weeks: you will practice Math and Verbal Section. Last week you are going to study on Tuesday and Thursday from 19.00 till 22.00 when you will practice in Integrated Reasoning.

  • Weekend GMAT classWeekend GMAT class allows you to receive base training to the test for 6 weeks. Contents of the course cover all the sections of GMAT test: Integrated Reasoning, Verbal Section, Quantitative, and AWA. The course allows you to not only learn the theory but also practice in solving problems.

GMAT classes are on Saturday from 10.00 till 18.30, also one lesson is on Sunday (10.00-17.00).  The price is 32 000 rubles.

  • GMAT advancedGMAT advanced is designed for person, who has just received the basic training to test (himself, in group or with tutor). Our course will help you to improve your score of GMAT and achieve the result of more than 700 points.

GMAT classes lasts for four weeks (40 academic hours), you have to go to the lessons on Sunday from 10.00 till 18.00. The price is 25 000 rubles.

  • GMAT morningGMAT morning allows you to get an intensive preparation to the test for 4 weeks in mini-group format (4 people or less). Contents of course cover all sections of GMAT test: AWA, Quantitative, Verbal and Integrated Reasoning. Course lets you master the theory and practice in solving problems.

The price is 36 000 rubles, you have to attend classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8.00 till 11.00.

  • “Grammar to tests”“Grammar to tests” will help you to master the most difficult moments of English grammar for the least possible period of time. This ability will help in work with GMAT (in AWA and Sentence correction), TOEFL (Writing and Speaking sections), IELTS (Writing and Speaking sections). In your group will be 6 pupils or less.

This course lasts for three weeks, it costs 11 000 rubles. The lessons begin on Tuesday and Thursday in 19.00 and end in 22.00.

  • GMAT Intensive basicGMAT Intensive basic lasts 7 days. Just for one week you will be able to master the theory of Verbal and Math sections, AWA and Integrated Reasoning only with this intensive program with everyday classes. Also, course lets you to have some practice in solving problems.

You can buy this course for 24-32 000 rubles, the lessons will be organized from 10:00 till18:30.

  • Math for TestsMath for Tests is designed for humanitarians and all other people, who didn’t deal with math level more than calculating cash in store. Together with teacher you will remember the basic aspects of math like fractions, equations, inequalities, geometric shapes and their properties, the degree of numbers, etc. Four members are involved in classes of this course.

This course lasts for three weeks; classes are on Thursday and Tuesday from 19.00 till 22.00. It costs 15 000 rubles.

  • Individual classes with the GMAT tutorIndividual classes with the GMAT tutor let you to form your own program of preparation and will work on your weak sides. Individual GMAT classes fit to the goals and tasks or each individual student:
  1. basic training for the GMAT from the ground;
  2. intensive training in the shortest possible time;
  3. activities to improve the result of the exam;
  4. study of the individual sections.