GMAT testGMAT (General Management Admission Test) is a standardized test that requires general knowledge and mathematical, verbal and analytical abilities of the examinee. The test is developed by an international association of GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) specifically for people, who try to enter the MBA programs. The purpose of the test is to check availability of applicant’s skills in management which are needed to enter a business school. However, passing the exam does not require special knowledge and economic education.

GMAT test is required in more than 1,000 business schools around the world. Even more, the order of 500 schools also use the test results to assess the qualifications of knowledge of their future students, but GMAT in these schools is not the mandatory test.

The maximum score of GMAT is 800. Students that entered the majority of European and American business schools gained about 600-720 points. However, this score will not be enough for the top schools.

You should pass General Management Admission Test in English. The test is a computer- adapted, which means that you can not go back to passed questions again and change the answers on them. Moreover, depending on the level of applicant’s knowledge, the computer selects a complex or simple questions.

How does it happen?

GMAT testThe first question referred by the program is a task of the average complexity. If you give the right answer, the second question will be more difficult. If the answer is wrong, the computer will give an easier task. That is why it is very important to check the first 10-15 responses twice. They are decisive in choosing the right level of difficulty of the test, which further will affect the earned points. So, for the 80 correctly answered questions you obtain from 500 to 800 points.

Age restrictions: you have to be not younger than 25 years old.

GMAT test consists of four main sections:

  1. Analytical section (Analytical Writing Assessment / AWA Section);
  2. Mathematical section (Quantitative Section);
  3. Verbal section (Verbal Section);
  4. Integrated Reasoning.

Before applicants can directly proceed to the test, they are instructed on computer literacy (The Introductory Computer Tutorial). As long as the dealer does not learn the basic manipulations, such as: using a mouse to move the page, scroll down, select or change the answer to the question, confirm the answer to the question, move on to the next question, using a text editor (to perform Analytical Writing Assessment), using on –line assist, finding the information on the implementation of this or that part of the test, he won’t be allowed to start passing the exam. Also you will have opportunity to answer the sample questions at the briefing.

For passing GMAT you must register on the official website of the Association - The cost of one attempt to pass GMAT is about $ 250.

Distribution and validity of the certificate (diploma)

GMAT test is recognized by the English-speaking universities, which provide teaching in master's programs MBA. Results of GMAT are valid for 5 years.

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