What is GMATThe results of GMAT test are one of the criteria that are taken into account by business schools in the process of selection of the students. Of course, this is not the only parameter, but maybe it is the most important one.

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized test that will help to determine the ability of students to study in the business schools. GMAT consists of three main parts:

In June 2012 one of the two essays has been replaced by a new section (Integrated Reasoning). The few issues of the new type, which has already been published, are quite simple and just made the test easier.

You can try to pass the exam only in English, so passing the GMAT test in Russian or any other language is impossible. This is pretty logical, since in the vast majority of business schools lessons are held in English.

GMAT is a CAT test. It is computerized, because the applicants try to pass it on the computer and it is adaptive, because the test adjusts to your success: the more correct answers you give, the more difficult the questions are, the more mistakes you do - the easier questions you receive. The final score depends not only on the number of correct answers, but on the level difficulty of the questions that you have answered correctly. The more complex your issue, the higher will be its "value" in points.

The maximum score on the test is 800, the minimum is 200. Most of the schools expect from their students the result which is not less than 600 points. An average GMAT score of the students of the top business schools often exceed 700 points.

GMAT Test Center - A Guide to Success when taking the GMAT:

Examples of the GMATExamples of the GMAT

Examples of GMAT test can be acquainted by downloading the free training program GMAT Prep from the official site of the test (mba.com). If you seriously intend to become an attendant, then download it to check your level.

This test is just a great example that will help assess your chances for a good result and will make you getting almost the real experience of being tested. The program is based on two adaptive tests that are currently the most effective way to find out what score you will get on GMAT, if pass it right now.

Try to take one of the tests before you start to prepare for the exam to see how difficult it is and what kind of tasks is the most problematic for you.

The second one you should pass at the end of preparation to understand your real level and to determine the order, whether or not it is time to finish the training or it is better to tighten some of your abilities. If you want to achieve objective results, do not use a calculator, cribs or something else that is impossible to use on the real test.

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