GMAT scoreThe GMAT test consists of different types of questions which can determine your ability to continue education in any elite business school. Unfortunately, a lot of students don’t pay enough attention to GMAT scores for each section, they think only about a total GMAT score.

But each part of the exam helps to define your weaknesses and strength. That’s why every section has to be evaluated in its special way, and your total score will be made of scores for parts which are different from each other.

Do not forget that GMAT is an adaptive test. That’s mean that at the beginning of each part you have a task in the middle range of difficulty. But if your answer is incorrect, the next question will be easier, that’s why your score will be lower. So if you’re going to pass the test well, you have to give a great number of correct answers in each section.

Let’s speak about every part of the exam in detail to understand the GMAT Score scale:

AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment)

Your essay will be checked and scored at least two times: by a human reader and by a special computer program. After it your scores will be averaged and then a total score will be made. In AWA you can get from zero to six points.

The majority of the students get three and more point on this section.

IR (Integrated Reasoning)

total GMAT scoreIn this section you can receive from one to eight points. IR is not an adaptive section, that’s why your score based on the number of the correct answers. You have to remember that some tasks can include several correct variants, so if you want to get a credit for this question, you have to answer to each part of the task.

Verbal and Quantitative parts

In any of these sections you can get from one to sixty points. But you have to bear in mind that your score depends on the difficulty, accuracy and number of tasks. That’s why you can receive a high score if you do as many questions as you can and if they are enough difficult.

The interval is one point. The majority of the students receive more than seven and less than fifty points for Quantitative; more than nine and less than forty four for Verbal section.

Improve Your GMAT Score Verbal:

Total score

It is given after summing up and calculating all of your results. The received points are reported with the interval of ten; the possibility of the error of measurement is from thirty to forty points.

So if you want to have good results you should pay enough attention to the preparation for the exam. For example, in the Internet there’re a lot of online tests which contain the standard tasks, questions and even the topics of the essays.

If you think that your GMAT Score is incorrect you can call it in question in the special test center.