GMAT downloadPreparation for the GMAT is one of the most important components of the admission process at the elite business schools. The Best schools put forward heavy demands, so you need to work hard to pass the test for at least 700 points. Despite of the fact that many candidates study hard independently or attend special courses, only five percent can gain a high score on the GMAT. That’s why it is necessary not just to prepare, but to do it in a right way.

Resources that will help in the preparation

First of all, in order to assess your knowledge, you can take the practice test online, for this purpose you must go to this link and complete all the proposed tasks.

After passing the practice test and identified your strengths and weaknesses, you can calmly buy the following useful tutorials:

Also, you can purchase new textbooks, for example, on the site, and buy used books from those who have already passed the GMAT.

Also you can learn some tips about preparation, download GMAT books and just talk with the students like you, who are just going to try to pass the test on multiple sites, forums and portals:

  •  On this resource you will be able to not only acquire the necessary books, but also to visit the convenient forum and read a lot of useful articles related to the preparation for the exam.
  • Another useful and easy-to-use resource. You can read reviews of guys who have already passed the GMAT, then take advantage of their advice and learn a lot about this test.
  • This is one of the most useful resources which provide you not only effective preparation for the GMAT, but also watching a lot of useful videos, chatting with experts, and possibility to buy all the convenient books with a good discount!

download GMAT HandbookA list of useful resources for download

If you download GMAT Handbook, you will learn a lot about the structure of the test and its main goals and objectives.

Here it’s GMAT Prep Software Download for free on the official website of the exam.

Analytical Writing Assessment

Example of an  essay on "Analysis of the argument"

Integrated Reasoning

Graphics Interpretation

Brian Galvin provides a deep-dive lesson on Graphics Interpretation, which is one of the question types tested on the new Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT:

Two-Part Analysis

Table Analysis

GMAT Prep Software DownloadMulti-Source Reasoning

Quantitative Section (Math)

Verbal Section

As you can see, there are a lot of useful sources where you can download the GMAT information for successful and effective training.