GMAT BooksGMAT Books can help to pass this international test which assesses mathematical and analytical skills of applicants for admission to the business schools, the level of their overall development and some knowledge of English. If you want to pass the exam successfully you should buy special GMAT books for preparation. Let’s talk about some of them in detail:

  • GMAT Official Guide contains more than one thousand real test questions of the previous years. The most effective strategies for addressing the issues and passing the GMAT are explained in detail. In this textbook you can find over a hundred real essay topics.
  • GMAT Verbal (Princeton Review) GMAT Verbal (Princeton Review) is devoted exclusively for verbal skills. You will master the proven techniques for each of the formats of the verbal section(sentence correction, reading comprehension, critical reasoning). One chapter is dedicated to writing essays. The textbook is equipped with some grammatical applications.

    Mastering the GMAT Verbal Section:

  • Powerful Strategies and Software for the new exam (Kaplan) provides a detailed guide which explains how to prepare and how to take the test up to the techniques of meditation and calm breathing. A helpful CD with exercises, simulation test, and even games is attached to the textbook.
  • GRE & GMAT Math Review (from ARCO)GRE & GMAT Math Review (from ARCO) is useful in the preparation for the mathematical section. In this section you should demonstrate the ability to solve quantitative problems, in other words, your knowledge of arithmetic, algebra and geometry. The book contains practical tests, advice on choosing strategies for dealing with various kinds of mathematical problems.
  • The Princeton Review includes two diagnostic exams with detailed answers and explanations for all the practical questions, also you can find expert advice on test-taking,  useful sections devoted to essays, verbal and quantitative sections. The purpose of this textbook is an attempt to teach the technique and strategy of putting a good GMAT.
  • The textbook GMAT CAT from ARCO (Macmillan, USA)The textbook GMAT CAT from ARCO (Macmillan, USA) provides basic information about the GMAT, which can help in diagnosing your strengths and weaknesses sides. Particular focus is on math. At the end of the book it’s provided some tips for entering a business schools and expert’s answers to the most common questions about the MBA program. On the CD- ROM great amount of questions which allows creating a new test each time.

You mustn’t buy all these GMAT books, but you should have some basic tutorials which can make your preparation more successful and effective. You have to not only learn the theoretical part but also spend a lot of time in practicing the typical tasks and questions.