Master of Business AdministrationIf you want to be accepted to a business school and purse a Master of Business Administration in the future, one of your goals should be passing the GMAT – special test which is required in the majority of Canadian, American and European MBA programs.

The preparation to the exam have to be serious and important, also you should have a special study plan, which will help you to get successful results.

You have to understand that the GMAT for MBA doesn’t need any specific knowledge in economics, business or other difficult subject. It just requires the basic analytical, quantitative and verbal skills.

GMAT is an adaptive exam; it means that the difficulty of the tasks depends on the number of correct answers which you give. The test can be separated into four sections which check your skills in different areas.

  • In Analytical Writing part of the test you should write your own argument which will presents your opinion or statement of a position. This section lasts for thirty minutes. You can get from zero to six scores for AWA; your essay is scored by a special computer program and by a human reader.
  • In the IR (Integrated Reasoning section) you have to answer twelve questions in 30 minutes. In this part it’s checked your knowledge in interpretation of graphical, tabular and written information from the different sources.
  • In the Math section you should do 37 tasks; you have to demonstrate your ability to solve the problems and analyze sufficiency of data. Your level of knowledge should be as 11th grade pupil has.
  • In the Verbal section you will have different types of questions. This part of the exam lasts for 75 minutes.

Columbia UniversityThe GMAT for MBA tests candidate’s ability to read, understand and analyze information, to solve typical problems, to work with the specific material and with the tabular information. If you want to become a student of the famous business-school, your score must be quite high.

For example, if you’re going to enter the Stanford University you have to receive at least 721 points, but it isn’t easy. The candidates of the Columbia University should get from 716 points.  The higher the school’s level is the more difficult is to enter it. That’s why is you want to have a prestigious education you have to work hard and spend a lot of time to prepare to the exam.

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Among theoretical knowledge, you should pay attention to the practice tasks. Watch the informative videos, do the typical examples, learn the terms and formulas, and your results will be perfect!